You need to clean the air ducts of your furnace and air conditioner, no matter what “no need to clean” guaranties you have been promised. If you do not, then there are a whole lot of benefits that you will not be able to reap and some of them are downright vital for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Besides, a professional heating and air conditioning company can do it for you without leaving any room for dissatisfaction. But before we move on to the benefits of clean duct works, let’s first know when and how often you need to clean them.

Dirty vent grill

When Should You Clean?

Frankly speaking, if the ducts are looking in need of cleaning, then they probably do need it. Still, some of us can often be a bit too fussy about cleaning so it is better to know some specifics.

  • If you get the feeling that you can smell mold in the air, then it is probably growing inside the air ducts. Air that travels past molds smells a bit musty so it is easy to detect.
  • You need to clean your air ducts if you see rodents and/or insects passing through the ductwork. You also need to clean them if there is a vermin infestation somewhere in the house.
  • If you see visible dust puffing out the system whenever you turn it on.

How Frequently Should Cleaning The Ducts Happen

Even if you do not experience the former situations you still need to clean the ductwork. But how often should you clean them? Let’s find out.

  • You must clean them about once in every four years. Professionals often advise to keep the period between three and five years. Keep in mind that there is no need to clean them any more frequently and be careful of those who advise you to.
  • Unless you are sure that the previous owner has performed the duct cleaning services in the last 3 or 4 years, contact professionals whenever you move into a new place.
  • You need to clean the ducts every time your home goes though a remodeling project. Naturally, these projects produce a lot of dust that easily gets inside the air ducts. If you do not want to perform the cleaning service each time, take great measures to protect them before starting a project.
  • Your air ducts need to be cleaned more frequently if one or more family members are allergic to dust. Surprisingly, it has not been discovered exactly what triggers these allergies, but frequently cleaning ducts always reduces the reaction frequency.
  • How often you should clean air ducts needs to be adjusted if you have many furry pets in the household.

Benefits Of Cleaning Air Ducts

Now that we know when and how often we should clean our air ducts, let’s see what benefits clean ducts provide. As mentioned earlier, clean ducts reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Other than that, they also help in supporting the health of people with asthma and similar conditions. What most people don’t know is that the indoor air is almost 70 times more polluted by bacteria, mold spores, pollen, fungus and pet dander than the outside air. Clean air ducts efficiently remove these airborne contaminates. It makes the system severely more efficient. According to EPA, a mere 0.042 inches of dirt can make an air conditioning system almost 21% less efficient. Regular and routine cleaning makes your system more resistant to damages caused by clogging and debris accumulation hence it lasts longer.

Given all that, you should always contact a professional contractor whenever such cleaning becomes necessary.